LIC Agent Career

What Kind of LIC Agent Career You Can Expect?

A LIC Agent Career can provide people with independence and let them be their boss. Majority of people like to go with the flow and join some job, so this LIC Agent Career is not for all. Rather, it is only for those who wish to become somebody and be different from the mass.

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Career Opportunities

When any individual steps into a LIC as agent, then they can get club membership and opportunities to join as LIC staff with experience of agency. They include:


Prospecting is the first main duty that any individual would need to carry out, once they begin their LIC Agent Career. This will be all about identifying the prospective customers, who might have insurance needs and fix an appointment to have detailed discussion.

Analyzing The Need

The next thing that this LIC Agent Career demands from individuals is that it requires them to identify the needs of prospective customers and make them agree that the need exists for them. In the process of doing so, agents can specify certain needs to make their clients realize them.

Presentation of Plan

This involves providing suitable suggestions through different plans, which would help fulfill the needs of clients.

Sale Closure

Closure of sale is the most critical aspect of the job of a LIC Agent. This can make or break the LIC Agent Career. Here, either the LIC Agent or people working for him would require to convince the prospects that he or she has suggested them with the best possible solution after analyzing his needs. Then, they would ask for their orders.

Providing After Sales Service

Finally, it is important to provide a highly efficient after-sales service and settle insurance claims. This is a critical part of the job profile, which can determine progress in a LIC Agent Career.


There is ample scope not only for expansion but also to make an ample amount of money if one decides to be in LIC Agent Career. Let us take a look at what you can expect from pursuing this career:

(1) Working as a LIC Agent can open up the possibility to make ample money.

(2) In one’s quest to make LIC Agent Career, people can start their own business with minimum capital investment.

(3) This particular career lets individuals set their working hours.

(4) One can earn as per their potential and have a prosperous LIC Agent Career.

To Become LIC Agent, Contact Mr. Ravindra Singh at 099531-22754