Kanyadaan Plan

LIC Kanyadaan plan is Jeevan Lakshya Plan with some add on riders which provides multiple benefits to the client which helps in managing funds for their child marriage. Even in case of sad demise of the client this plan provides assured returns with additional 10% of SA as money-back for child education and that too is with out paying any premium after the sad demise of the client.

LIC Kanyadaan Plan- USP’s

  • LIC Kanyadaan plan is especially for children marriage purpose.
  • Father/Mother will be the policy holder and child will be the nominee.
  • The desired amount will be paid to parents at the time of maturity for the marriage of their child.
  • In case of death of proposer while premium paying term, family will immediately get the Sum Assured (In Case of Normal Death) OR Double of sum assured (In case of accidental death).
  • Further premiums will be stopped in such situation and 10% of sum assured will be paid to the family every year till maturity.
  • Maturity will be paid with 10% extra sum assured at the pre-decided time of marriage of the children.
An Illustration: Example for the age of 32 Year
LIC Kanyadaan Plan”
Monthly Saving (Approx.) Get after 21 year In Case of Death of father During Term, Daughter will get Guaranteed from LIC In Case of Death of father During Term, Daughter will get Guaranteed from LIC for rest of the term & every year
1,000 4,25000 2,00,000 20,000
2,000 8,50,000 4,00,000 40,000
3,000 12,75,000 6,00,000 60,000
4,000 17,00,000 8,00,000 80,000
5,000 21,25,000 10,00,000 1,00,000
10,000 42,50,000 20,00,000 2,00,000
12,500 53,00,000 25,00,000 2,50,000

Disclaimer: “Kanyadaan” is a concept name and it’s not a direct product of LIC, this is a combination of Plan and Riders and the Plan & Rider used for this combination are of LIC of INDIA.

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