Join LIC As Agent Noida

The Benefits You Can Avail If You Join LIC As Agent Noida

Life Insurance Corporation of India is an insurance group and investment company that was founded on 1st September 1956. It is owned by the Government of India. 111979 employees are working for LIC, holding different positions in the form of LIC Assistant, LIC ADO, LIC AAO, LIC FSE and LIC DSE. There is also scope for an individual to join LIC as agent Noida. It allows inexperienced individuals to earn unlimited income from the first day of work itself. If one gets to join LIC as agent Noida, then that can allow an individual to earn handsomely from day one. In the next segment, we will discuss the benefits that one can avail through joining LIC as agent.

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Benefits That You can Gain by Join LIC as Agent Noida

When one joins LIC as agent, he or she can expect to enjoy numerous benefits, which makes this career option a very lucrative one. Let us now take a look into the different kinds of benefits available for LIC agents:

Healthy Remuneration:

One of the most important benefits, which a person can enjoy when he or she joins LIC as agent is the chance to earn healthy remuneration. They receive remuneration in the form of commission, a percentage of premium that gets collected through the policies sold by customers. Moreover, if you join LIC as agent Noida, you are entitled to receive royalty income, as long as the premiums get paid by the policyholders.

Club Membership And MDRT:

Another major benefit that an individual can expect to enjoy if they join LIC as agent Noida is their entry in premier Club Membership. This is a recognition that gets bestowed on the agents to raise their status in society. MDRT is an international recognition, where agents get honored in the US and if anyone join LIC as agent Noida, the organization would provide them with allowances to take part in the international conference.


If a person joins LIC as agent and serves for a minimum period of 15 years, then he or she would be entitled to receive Gratuity at the age of 60 or 65 years.


Anyone who join LIC as agent Noida is also eligible to receive a pension under the Swavalamban and Samvardhan scheme once that individual attains the age of 60 or if the amount is less than Rs 100,000. This amount is the contribution made by the agent towards the National Pension Scheme.

To Become LIC Agent, Contact Mr. Ravindra Singh at 099531-22754