Jeevan Arogya (T-904)

LIC Jeevan Arogya Plan (T-904) is a unique Health Insurance Plan which provides support to your family in case of medical emergencies and the family remains financially independent in difficult medical contingencies. Health issues are increasing day by day and medical expenses are also very high these days so to prevent the financial losses in such cases health insurance of every family member is must in today’s scenario.

Key Features:

  • Hospital Cash Benefit (HCB).
  • Major Surgical Benefit (MSB) for 140 listed surgeries.
  • Day Care Procedure Benefit for 140 more listed surgeries.
  • Other Surgical Benefit for other surgical procedures.
  • Full Benefits paid irrespective of actual expenses.
  • 50% Advance MSB available under some major surgeries.
  • No Claim Benefits.
  • Increasing Health Cover.
  • Premium Waiver Benefit in case of major surgeries.
  • Ambulance Charges.
  • Accidental Rider & Term Rider options are also available.
  • These Benefits are in addition to any other health insurance cover that insured lives may have subject to certain conditions.
  • Income tax rebate under section 80 D.
  • Surrender value & Loan facility is not available under this plan.
  • No Death Benefits are payable under this plan.

Eligibility Criteria:

Features Principle Insured (PI),Insured Spouse Parents, Parents In-Laws Insured Children
Minimum Age at Entry 18 Years 18 Years 3 Months
Maximum Age at Entry 65 Years 75 Years 17 Years
Maximum Cover Ceasing Age 80 Years 80 Years 25 Years
Minimum HCB Rs.1000/- Rs.1000/- Rs.1000/-
Maximum HCB Rs.4000/- Equal to or less than PI Equal to or less than PI