Become LIC Agent

Qualities You Need to Become LIC Agent

If you even think that you can become LIC Agent, then there are certain qualities, which you will need to possess. Selling insurance policies as an agent and earning a good amount of commission out of them can be a very lucrative proposition. Despite all these, it is not a very easy job to execute. As and when anyone manages to become LIC Agent, he or she has to expect quite a bit of rejection along with a high attrition rate. These are hurdles in your way to become LIC Agent but almost all good insurance agents have certain core qualities in them to tackle these situations.

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Connect with People

The very first quality that aspiring candidates who want to become LIC Agent should possess is the ability to gel with clients. He or she must put the needs of clients first and not just think of earning a commission. Those agents would be able to earn their trust easily and also become more successful in due course of time.

In the process of connecting with clients, those who are willing to become LIC Agent must have emotional intelligence. This includes having the ability to listen and empathize with clients on a greater level to clearly understand their want and need.

Energetic Personality

Another extremely important trait that an individual, wanting to become LIC Insurance Agent should have is a personality with a high level of energy. An energetic insurance agent will help them appear excited and eager to meet the client’s needs every time.


Ability to persist is one of the most important qualities, which an individual aiming to become LIC Agent, should have. He or she has to understand that every no from different clients will bring them closer to those clients, who will eventually say yes.

Product Knowledge

LIC has a variety of products on offer for their clients. So, when anyone aspires to become LIC Agent, should possess detailed knowledge of all the products. Only then, he or she would be in a position to guide their clients.


Honesty is an extremely important and a much-desired quality that anyone looking to become LIC Agent should always possess.

Technical Knowledge

If you want success after you become LIC Agent, then you must have sound knowledge of the technical aspects including tax and legal angles of the products, which they sell.

To Become LIC Agent, Contact Mr. Ravindra Singh at 099531-22754