LIC Agent Procedure

What Kind of LIC Agent Procedure Should One Follow as Far as The Job Responsibilities Are Concerned?

Working as a LIC Agent helps an individual to become independent and enjoy numerous benefits over and above the good amount of income. The primary job of a LIC Agent is to secure the names of all those people, who need life insurance but there are several other duties performed by them as well. To carry out the job responsibilities effectively, LIC Agent needs to follow a proper procedure. LIC Agent Procedure that gets followed in carrying out his or her job duties, help professionally deal with them.

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Through this article, we will discuss in detail, the LIC Agent Procedure that gets followed as far as performing the duties is concerned. They include:

  • Apart from securing the names of those individuals, who would possibly require life insurance, the LIC Agents will meet those people from time to time as per the customers’ convenience.
  • The LIC Agent Procedure followed during the work would include, interviewing the individuals and thus unearth their insurance needs.
  • Next duty is to put forth all kinds of enquiries about the health, habits, family history, moral hazard (if any) and thus get satisfied with their insurability. This is one key element in the whole LIC Agent work procedure.

Other Responsibilities

The LIC Agent Procedure towards carrying out several other responsibilities include:

  • Acquire the proposal form that has been filled in by the proposer, then receive payment towards the deposit of proposal.
  • Make sure to get medical and other tests conducted as part of the LIC Agent Procedure towards the fulfilment of responsibilities.
  • A LIC Agent will also ensure that premiums are paid regularly by the policyholder.
  • It is also imperative on LIC Agent Procedure followed towards work, to make sure that the age of the life assured is included in all policies.
  • Issue proper advise and assist policyholders in effecting a nominee.
  • An agent must try to prevent the policies from getting lapsed.
  • Another important responsibility, which a LIC Agent Procedure towards work include is to render all kinds of assistance to policyholders in trying to effect a change in address, to recover their policies, to the claimants in their attempt to comply with the requirements for settling of claims.

To Become LIC Agent, Contact Mr. Ravindra Singh at 099531-22754