LIC Agent Procedure

The position of an LIC agent is an extremely prestigious one. The prospect of earning a good salary is one of the main reasons people generally search for LIC Agent Procedure. Being an agent here, you receive hefty pay, commissions, and benefits like a life-long pension and membership in exclusive clubs.

Looking To Become an LIC Agent? Follow The LIC Agent Procedure Given Below:

Many young minds today wish to do something of their own. Becoming an LIC Agent is a great opportunity due to its flexible working schedule. So, you might be interested in learning the LIC Agent Procedure.

Check out below:

  • Find the closest LIC branch office and talk to the development officer, who will present essential documents about the LIC Agent Procedure.
  • The officer will conduct an interview. Candidates who pass the interview will receive training at the Divisional or Agency Training Centre.
  • The training which lasts for about 25 hours, will cover all aspects of life insurance policies provided by the insurance company.
  • At the end of the training, candidates are required to take part in the Pre-Recruitment test conducted through the IRDAI.
  • To successfully complete your LIC Agent Procedure, the candidate must gain 35 percent on the test which is enough to get appointed as an LIC Agent. You will receive the Identity Card to work as an LIC insurance agent.
  • You will be assigned as an LIC Agent in any office branch and be part of members of the staff under direction of the Development Officer.
  • You’ll be provided the necessary field training and additional information to begin your journey.

How to Get Started With The LIC Agent Procedure? Start With the Top- Quality Training!

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