How to Join LIC Online

Being an LIC agent makes you qualified to sell all life insurance policies provided by the organization. Knowing How to Join LIC Online is important. All you have to do is finish your training, pass the certification test, and get an authorized LIC agent certificate.

Becoming an LIC agent requires a lot of dedication, hard work, determination, and a strong ability to communicate. However, with the right training and guidance, you can become a successful agent, and help your clients safeguard their families and secure their futures.

So, if you’re looking for How to Join LIC Online, it can be beneficial to understand the job and the steps required to work as an agent.

  • You can apply online on the official website of the LIC by filling in your personal details. Applying as a LIC agent online is quite a simple method as compared to applying offline.
  • Next, sign up for the pre-exam course, which lasts for 25 hours after you complete the registration procedure. You can enroll in the course in person or choose to do it online, based on your preference.
  • Once successful in completing your training, you must take an online test conducted by the Insurance Regulatory Authority and Development Authority (IRDA).
  • After passing the test, you will be given an appointment Certificate by the IRDA to work as an insurance agent. This marks that you’ve been appointed as an LIC Agent.

Join LIC As Agent- Embrace Unfettered Working Hours

Being an LIC Agent, take advantage of the flexibility of arranging your work schedule to suit your personal preferences. You can easily align your job to your current position and enjoy the harmony of a balanced work-life.

The role as an LIC Agent lets you bring your passion for helping others and the chance to become an entrepreneur fulfilling all your desires. Take advantage of the opportunity and create a balance between your professional and other activities of life.

How to Join LIC Online? Start With the Top- Quality Training!

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