Heres How to Buy USDC USD Coin in 2024

how to buy usdc

The goal of the digital asset is and always has been, to track the price of the underlying asset. Aside from some very slight deviations, USDC has largely managed to achieve this. After selecting your preferred exchange platform, you must register your account. For this purpose, you must provide essential credentials such as username, address, contact number, email address, etc. You can also buy USD-Coin on other plateforms and then secure it with your hardware wallet. Experts say stablecoins often receive the highest returns because they maintain their expected value.

However, this storage method is not the safest as you do not control your private keys. If the exchange is hacked or experiences technical issues, you could lose your funds. Trading and converting your USDC is much easier than onboarding actual U.S dollars into the cryptocurrency market.

USDC in the Digital Economy

All you have to do is choose the spot trading section and locate the trading pair. The platform will also ask for a valid ID, such as a PAN or driver’s license, to verify your details. Once the verification or KYC is over, your account will be ready for use within a few hours. Our charts below show you USDC’s performance over time as well as its all time high. And, of course, you can also use your USDC in the traditional sense to buy other cryptocurrencies. That recent move now means either one dollar or asset-equivalent backs every USDC.

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  • Supply, demand, availability, competing cryptocurrencies, and investor sentiment are key indicators of USDC’s utility.
  • It allows you to spend on everyday purchases while using your crypto as security for repayment, instead of selling it.
  • Visa recently announced its plans to settle transactions in USDC on Ethereum’s blockchain, which is huge news for Ethereum’s network becoming more practical.
  • USDC is very popular in the world of decentralized finance, far more so than its main rival, USDT.
  • It’s essential to understand these risks and align your investment strategy with your financial goals.
  • Some popular choices include Metamask, Ledger, TrustWallet, imToken, Atomic Wallet, Bit2Me, etc.

However, it remains difficult to swap USDC coins on blockchains without using a centralized exchange. Stablecoins are a type of cryptocurrency whose value is pegged to another asset, such as a fiat currency, a commodity or even another crypto coin. There are many services that allow you to exchange cryptocurrency for USDC, such as Changelly, ShapeShift, SimpleSwap, ChangeNOW, and others.

How to buy USD Coin instantly with card?

Some exchanges may also ask for a phone number and photo ID, so it’s a good idea to have those ready. USDC provides liquidity to crypto markets and is available as an asset on several major blockchain networks, such as Ethereum, Algorand (ALGO), Solana (SOL) and TRON (TRX), to name a few. To be super specific, USDC is also an ERC-20 utility token, which is standard for creating smart contracts on the Ethereum network. And when you choose to sell 1 USDC for fiat currency, the coin is “burned” when you make the transaction. The choice of how to store USDC depends on your needs and the level of security you require. It is recommended to use multiple storage methods to minimize the risk of token loss.

  • The current USD Coin price is $1 as in the last 24 hours its value has risen by 0.05%.
  • Products like the Nano Ledger X will help cryptos such as Bitcoin become adopted the broader society.
  • The world of USD Coin (USDC) involves understanding its stability, transparency and potential as a secure asset during market uncertainties.
  • ” should be answered by first acknowledging the fact that investors usually don’t expect the price of stablecoins to appreciate.
  • Most cryptocurrency exchanges support USDC and offer the ability to store this cryptocurrency in online wallets.
  • First, you need to set up an account on your choice of crypto exchange platform, listing USDC.

Since USDC operates on Ethereum, you can swap between USDC and any Ethereum-based token on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap or Sushiswap. If you use a DEX, beware of high gas fees –– due to high demand for network space, it may cost over $100 to transact on Ethereum. USD Coin (USDC) is a stablecoin, a cryptocurrency backed by U.S. dollars how to buy usdc or dollar-denominated assets like U.S. USDC’s reserve assets are held in segregated accounts with regulated U.S. financial institutions. Decentralized, crypto-native exchanges solve these two problems by offering users permissionless access to decentralized markets. Unlike quick matching engines, trades take place on the blockchain.

How do I purchase USDC?

USDC is a stablecoin—a cryptocurrency that maintains a peg to another asset. The USDC stablecoin is the result of a joint venture from Coinbase, the crypto exchange giant, and Circle, a crypto payments company. The flip side of the investment narrative is that having a digital asset pegged to a fiat currency like the U.S. dollar doesn’t make a great investment for appreciation. Cryptocurrency exchanges are online platforms where you can buy, sell, or exchange cryptocurrencies. Some of the most popular exchanges where you can purchase USDC include Coinbase, Binance, Bitfinex, and Huobi. Ledger is a trusted hardware wallet brand among many cryptocurrency investors.

According to Circle, today there are over 43 billion USD coins in circulation with monthly reports from its management ensuring complete transparency with regard to its reserves. The number of exchange platforms where it is available include Binance, Kraken, Kucoin, Bitstamo, Coinbase Exchange, and more. You only need to create your account and pay, which is available for direct purchase.

That’s why this guide is designed to give you the knowledge needed to make the right decisions towards making a confident and strategic approach in the ever-evolving world of digital assets. All products and services featured are independently selected by WikiJob. When you register or purchase through links on this page, we may earn a commission. By making a successful purchase of crypto, your card details are automatically saved so you can select that card for future transactions.

how to buy usdc

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